What to Expect when Expecting number 2?

Your have done it before so what’s makes preparing for round two so interesting? You expect you have some insider info so it should not be that hard right? Right? Well here are some of the things my second time moms what to know in the weeks leading up to the arrival of baby part deux!

Would you bring the elder child to meet baby in the hospital?

This is often something that worries parents ahead of the birth of their second child. My advise is usually age related. If your first is old enough to reason and understand a little of what’s going on then yes, absolutely bring them through. They are usually very excited to meet their sibling and can understand that mommy needs to stay on the hospital with baby until mommy is quite ready to come home. On the flip side if your little one is still, well, baby itself then it may be an idea to skip the hospital visits. It’s hard for them to leave you again and again especially if they can’t quite understand why the baby gets to stay and not them.

What could you to do to involve the older child ( age dependent) with the babies routine without too much disruption?

Children love to be involved and to be made to feel needed. You can easily include them in some of the Baby duties. Try encouraging them to choose babies outfit for the day. Or to help with bath time by washing babies feet. Put a basket with books in the baby room or close to your feeding chair where your little one can read baby stories whilst you breast feed. Get them to pass you nappies or wipes. Anything so they feel included in babies basic daily care. Always reminding them what a big brother or sister they are.

Any tips to eliminate jealousy?

It’s hard for the first born to get used to sharing the time and love around the household. A nice way to make them still feel special is to make sure any visitors make a bee line for them and make a big fuss over the toddler. Then allow the toddler to introduce the new baby to the visitor. This makes them feel very special and helps to eliminate some jealousy.

Does it all come back to you the second time, instinctively? ?!!

The second time round there is no time for rereading books or any googling! Yes a great deal does end up come back to you. It may take a few days for you to find your feet again but generally speaking the second time round most parents are much less anxious, less doubtful and more trusting in their parental instincts.

Good luck with number 2! The first year often passes in a bit of a blur but in no time you will pop out the other side. Siblings are fabulous.