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Many new mums feel lost when their babies arrive. They have received a wealth of information throughout their pregnancies but are left stranded after the birth.

Pippa offers support and practical advice from the start of pregnancy right through the first five years of your child’s life.


My Pregnancy

Group antenatal classes

Learn in an environment with other parents-to-be. The group classes offer a social environment where you can meet and relate to other expectant parents whilst learning everything you need to know in preparation for your new arrival.

One-on-one antenatal classes

For you and your partner who may have questions specific to your pregnancy and would rather have the privacy of a one-on-one consultation. Also very beneficial for second time parents who would like a refresher course or whose second pregnancies may be offering new challenges.

Day 1:


  • Basic Antomy of female reproductive system
  • The Pregnant State
  • Pregnancy Niggles explained


  • Definition
  • Am I in Labour?
  • The Labour ward – what to expect
  • Terminology
  • The Stages of Labour
  • Dad’s role
  • Pushing
  • Complications
  • Post Delivery care and recovery

Day 2:


  • Natural Methods
  • Analgesias
  • Regional Block (epidural)
  • TENS
  • Partner’s Role in Pain Relief


  • Inductions
  • Forced Delivery
  • Vacuum extraction
  • Emergency and Elective C/S
  • Pre Operative Care
  • The Procedure and what to expect
  • Dad’s Role in the C/S
  • Immediate Post Operative Care
  • Recovery

Day 1:


  • Basic Anatomy & Physiology of Breastfeeding
  • Reflexes of the mother and baby
  • The Let Down Reflex
  • Initiation of Breastfeeding
  • Skin to Skin Contact
  • 9 Instinctive stages
  • Latching
  • The first few days
  • Obstacles that may arise
  • Maintaining Lactation
  • Tips for increasing supply
  • Alternative feeding methods

Day 2:


  • Your baby at birth
  • Immediate care of your newborn
  • Handling your newborn
  • Bathing baby
  • Dressing Baby
  • Nappies & Cord care
  • Challenges that may arise in the first few weeks


  • A talk given by a new father
  • Full of advice and tips on how to deal with any issue that may arise!

My Baby

Home visits

In the first few days post delivery, Pippa will come to your home and check on you and your baby.

Hospital visits

To assist with breastfeeding and answer any questions you may have during your hospital stay.


Troubleshooting any breastfeeding problems that you may be experiencing in the comfort of your own home.

Well Baby Clinic

Well Baby Clinic for feeding advice, weight checks, immunisation and support.


Regular check ups in the first few weeks in our clinic provide you as a new parent with the opportunity to discuss any concerns in a relaxed and calm environment.

30-minute appointments are scheduled weekly to assist with the early days of being a parent. Advice on feeding, sleep, routines as well as weigh in and developmental checks are provided from our clinic.