Pippa runs a comprehensive private practice with in the Bergvliet Family Practice offering support, advice and antenatal education to expectant parents.

Throughout your whole pregnancy from pre-conception to postnatal and from womb to world, Pippa offers a range of different services to help you prepare for your new arrival.

As a registered Nurse and mother of two Pippa Hime understands first hand that becoming a parent can be a very over whelming experience. The first few weeks of becoming a parent can be a very confusing time. Pippa understands this need for support, guidance and advice.

Pippa will help ease the transition from woman to mother and from womb to world. Our aim is to help eliminate these common stressors and make the transition from womb to world a calm and easy one.

What we offer

My Pregnancy

Antenatal education that covers everything from falling pregnant to becoming parents. Pippa will guide you through this journey with all the information, advice and support you need.

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My Baby

Pippa Hime offers a range of services to new mums. Babies can be confusing and daunting to new parents. Pippa endeavours to help you navigate any issues that may arise.

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Regular check ups in the first few weeks in our clinic provide you as a new parent with the opportunity to discuss any concerns in a relaxed and calm environment.

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6 things no-one tells you about babies

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Frequently asked questions

Why use Pippa Hime?
Pippa Hime provides you with continual care from your first antenatal class to that very exciting first weigh-in. Pippa will support you through all the stages of your little one’s development and provide essential services such as immunisations.
Can I come for a once-off consultation?
Of course you can. You can book an appointment to cover any service that Pippa Hime provides. Antenatal classes are packaged as a course but if needs arise they may be attended individually or tailor made to suit you and your partner’s personal requirements.
Do you do lactation consults?
Pippa Hime provides on-going breastfeeding support and assistance to new mums. Pippa is currently enrolled at the University of the Witwatersrand gaining certification as a Lactation Consultant. This support, guidance and assistance can be given in hospital post delivery, in the comfort of your own home or in the relaxed private setting of the clinic.

About Pippa

Pippa Hime is a registered professional nurse and midwife with a background in psychology. Having worked in both the private and public sectors, Pippa brings with her a wealth of knowledge for the expectant and new mum. As a young mother herself, Pippa is a midwife with both professional and personal experience.

“Our mothers’ experience 30 years ago is very different from the knowledge and information available to us today.”

For many pregnant women, navigating the minefield of information from health professionals, websites and interested family members can become confusing and unnerving. Pippa will help you sift through all this information and only take away what is important and practical.