Frequently asked questions

Why use Pippa Hime?

Pippa Hime provides you with continual care from your first antenatal class to that very exciting first weigh-in. Pippa will support you through all the stages of your little one’s development and provide essential services such as immunisations.

Can I come for a once-off consultation?

Of course you can. You can book an appointment to cover any service that Pippa provides. Antenatal classes are packaged as a course but if needs arise they may be attended individually or tailor made to suit you and your partner’s personal requirements.

Do you do lactation consults?

Pippa Hime provides on-going breastfeeding support and assistance to new mums. Pippa is currently enrolled at the University of the Witwatersrand gaining certification as a Lactation Consultant. This support, guidance and assistance can be given in hospital post delivery, in the comfort of your own home or in the relaxed private setting of the clinic.

Are Pippa Hime's fees covered by medical aid?

Pippa Hime is a private practice but clients can claim back from their respective medical aids.

Can Pippa assist in home births?

Pippa does not perform deliveries but is more than happy to assist in helping you find a midwife who provides this service. Pippa will help you prepare for your delivery by providing comprehensive antenatal education.

Will you come to the hospital with me when I'm giving birth?

Labour wards in the majority of private hospitals will not allow for private midwives to attend the delivery. Pippa does, however, provide hospital visits post-delivery to ensure your stay is going smoothly and to answer any questions or concerns that you may have whilst in hospital.

Do I have to go to all the antenatal classes or can I pick and choose?

While it is recommended that you attend the full course to gain comprehensive knowledge of this amazing journey you are about to embark on, Pippa Hime does allow for you to attend individual classes. Pippa also provides the option of private tailor made classes for you and your partner who may have specific questions or concerns.