I found the first night back home with my first born pretty dam hard – and I was trained in babies.

Raw from birth, tired from the hospital and overwhelmed with adoration of this tiny bundle I arrived home. Before baby arrived I was certain that I would sail through the first few days with flying colors. I would breast feed forever, sleep confidently when Baby slept and fend off the baby blues. How wrong I was.

A few things the first night Home taught me that I try to pass on to new Moms in my Practice-

  1. Take it slowly.
  2. Make sure you have fed your baby with the help of the nurses or a Lactation Consultants in the hospital before you leave. It’s worth getting in some last minute pointers.
  3. Take a long warm shower in the hospital whilst a professional keeps a watchful eye on your baby. And eat a nice hearty meal. When you get home it may be well into the afternoon by the time you brush your teeth and eat a piece of toast.
  4. Your milk may not be flowing and feeding is may not be going swimmingly at the time you get discharged. Get some support – a trusty Midwife, Lactation Consultant or Doula you can have on speed dial to help you out. Even better – one that can pop over and help you.
  5. Have some one drop off supper. Just drop it off, not stay for hours and eat it with you. A simple pop in the oven ready meal.
  6. Don’t expect anything. Know that you and your baby are still getting to know each other and the first few days can be tricky. You learning that winding Baby makes sleeping easier. That squishing your breast down helps the latch to be more comfy. That nappy changes take way longer in real life than they did on a doll.
  7. And when you wake up, even if you only slept for 45 minutes on day 2 back home, know that you survived the night! You got this mama! ?