Here is one of the questions that I was asked by the readers of Living & Loving

Is it really necessary or important for pregnant moms and their partners to attend antenatal classes, and why? Here was our Expert Answer –

Preparing for birth and parenthood is like training for a major sporting event. Imagine arriving at the Comrades Marathon without having done any preparation what so ever. You would not do very well. The same applies in pregnancy and childbirth. Educating oneself is a vital in the preparation for the birth of your child as well as handling a new baby. Childbirth educators are there to guide you through your birthing options, teach you how to feed and care for your newborn, and allay any anxiety that may arise during your pregnancy. They help you prepare to become parents and support you through this new and exciting chapter in your lives. They can often assist you with breast-feeding support and advice once baby arrives too. You will get to form a relationship with them and may feel that you have a “go to” person in those early days when you are unsure of how to fulfill this new role as a parent. Plus you get to meet other perspective parents and possibly form life long friendships!